Find the right long bob for your hair type

The long bob is one of the most requested cuts in salons around the world. The secret of success? Democratic length that matches any yarn texture .

In 2013, it emerged on the main international catwalks and, of course, started to rise to the heads of some fashionistas celebrities. In 2014, it gained even more strength among the it girls to, in 2015, become the darling cut in salons around the world. The long bob , affectionately also called lob , is nothing more than the traditional slightly longer elongated chanel, especially in the front.

In 2016, it has everything to continue on the rise. And do you know why? The democratic length cut - neither too short nor too long, between chin and shoulders - manages to suit all hair textures .

Discover the long bob that's right for you

Thin, thick, straight hair ... no matter what type, there will definitely be a long bob waiting for you. Find out here which cut variation is right for you, if you haveā€¦

Thin hair

This cut is, in fact, one of the best when disguising thinner threads. In the salon, ask your hairdresser for a version of the lob with a straight base (up to 2.5 cm shorter than the bangs) and subtle layers : the less peaked tips give the impression of being less translucent and therefore stronger, thicker and even healthier. Incidentally, this cutting option is also very suitable for those who have damaged tips due to excessive use of styling tools, such as flat iron and curling iron. Clean, chic and minimalist. Need more?

Thick hair

Unlike the previous lob, the idea here is to remove excess hair weight, avoiding the very square look and letting the strands with light and natural look without much effort. The secret is in peaked a little more pronounced , with gradual layers especially on the tips, which can be done with thinning scissors or razor.

Straight hair

Who has straight hair has the advantage of being able to play a lot with wire movement without worrying too much about her trim. You can give an even more asymmetrical (and trendy!) Appearance to the cut just by throwing the wires to one side. Shorter and fuller bangs , which can go from the height of the eyebrows to the middle of the nose, also work well here, bringing a little more volume to this hair texture.

Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is perhaps the one that best matches with a long messy cut and full of texture. Here, imperfect waves are intentional ! To further enhance this already natural effect for you, bet on texturizing finish products, such as salt spray . With damp strands, apply the product along the entire length, knead the hair with your hands and let it dry naturally. Ready! Find more here: Kalista Salon

Curly hair

Of course, the curly could not be left out of this trend . Here, the most appropriate cut gains light layers in the strands of the forehead and below the chin. In this way, the volume is controlled in the right measure and, in addition, your face looks more elongated . But be careful: try to avoid cuts with damp hair, since the curly length is camouflaged, it looks longer than it really is and, in the end, it can be shorter than you want. Razor blades are also not recommended: as this type of hair is naturally drier, the frizz on the ends can increase.

Curly hair

The best version of cut for women curly hair is with a peaked light on the wires around the face and ends. This simple trick, but smart, will help to prevent your hair get a mushroom appearance as you grow. To lengthen your look, bet on the central or lateral division.